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Welcome to World Bird Calculator


Designed by passionate Birdwatchers for passionate Birdwatchers

An easy world bird checklist for professional birders and beginners

Photo gallery and distribution lists
Collect and share valuable bird data

A time-saving birding accessory. Free access to this website. Get your bird calculator on iPhone or iPad now! 

  • Counting the birds on your country and world lists separately whilst it generates your wishlists. Exelent for atlassing and Birding Big Days.

  • Direct link to the apple store to download on your iPhone or iPad at minimum costs.

  • I.O.C. and Clements 6 nomenclatures. Updated, 27 December 2014.

  • Generates your wishlists automatically.

  • Trip reports.

  • Add and share your bird images: Already on the calculator - more than 6000 images of 5899 species.

  • Other Bird info – regular updates, bird statuses and distribution.      

Now Available.

  • iOS
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